Turtle Working Group

The Turtle Working Group is the first working group formed under SCB-Malaysia to help promote turtle research and conservation in Malaysia, through education and public outreach activities.

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  1. To raise the profile of turtles in Malaysia.
  2. To provide a platform for like-minded organisations and individuals to collaborate on turtle research and conservation projects.
  3. To cultivate concern and a sense of stewardship for our wildlife, particularly turtles among the general public through awareness programs.

Recent updates

  1. Banning the sale of all types of turtle eggs in Terengganu
  2. First record of Loggerhead Turtle in Penang

Current Activities

  1. Set up a sea turtle photo-identification and stranding database.
  2. Organize a Sea Turtle Symposium titled “Sea turtle conservation in Southeast Asia: where we are and how do we move forward?” at the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC).
© Perhentian Turtle Project 2015.

For the purpose of discussion and sharing of information/materials/papers, we will use Google Groups. This ensures new group members are able to access all previous discussions and materials. Please let us know if you would like to join our Group email.

We are also on Facebook — Working for Turtles in Msia. Please feel free to join our conversations. We need your help, skills, experience and network of contacts to achieve our objectives.

Contact us
The Chairs for this Turtle Working Group are:

  1. Dr. Long Seh Ling (lsehling@gmail.com)
  2. Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok (chenpn@gmail.com)